Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Been a while...

Hi all,
I realize that it has been a while since I made a post. Sorry about that. I just never know what to post about.

Since my last post I have had a bout with the flu and that slowed me down for a while. After that I was so busy marketing Enthralled that I have not spent as much time on the next book as I probably should have.

Yes. I have finished researching/planning for the second book in the series. Actually, I finished most of that weeks ago. However, I am a few chapters into the writing phase. I also have a good idea of what I want the title to be but its not set in stone.

Since I have not posted in a while I feel I ought to put out a sample. Just a teaser from the beginning of the next book. Keep in mind that I have not edited much as of yet. Also, since the book isn't finished yet what you read here may be subject to change. But I like this part of the story so I will try to keep it in. I would think that if I did end up making changes that they would be minor ones anyway. So here you go:

Annette shrieked for Conrad to stop, but the words exploded from her mouth a fraction of a second too late. His needle like teeth slashed clean through Blaine’s throat, dissecting both of his carotids. The crimson spray flashed over the walls and the man went down with Conrad glued to his chest.
The color ran from Annette’s already pale face. She had caught the look of aggression in Conrad’s stance moments before he attacked. She had thought he could contain himself, but she had been wrong.
Now in mere seconds the life would bleed away from the slender young man Annette had come to know as the Lycaon’s third in command. The Lycaon was not someone that Conrad could afford to anger; especially not now, when he was so close to being released from the Guild’s care.
Annette cursed and latched onto Blaine’s neck with both hands. She had seen a werewolf heal from injuries that would have killed a human before. However, Annette doubted that even a wolf could survive this much blood loss.
Conrad lowered his hackles and stepped off of Blaine’s chest. Shock was still evident in the man’s hazel eyes. He mustn’t have seen this coming. Or at least, he must not have expected Conrad to go through with the attack.
“Flynn!” Annette called out as rivers streamed between her fingers.
Blaine’s lips stuttered and the hole in his throat foamed pink. Annette couldn’t tell if he was trying to talk or breathe. Both options were unlikely to happen now.
Thunderous footsteps rolled through the house. Flynn leaped over the banister from the stairs and landed with all the grace of an elephant. He trotted towards them and stared at the body in Annette’s hands.
“Shit. Now they are never going to let us leave.” He said.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet. If I work really diligently I might be able to finish by Christmas. Maybe...

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