Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bitten-update 2

So I've been working on two projects at once. I don't think its working for me, but I really am done with Bitten now. Finished editing, and am writing the summary. Then I have to convert it, which means the giant headache involved with getting it set up two different ways, one for smashwords and one for amazon. I think the smashwords conversion will be done today but then I have to check it for errors, and if last time is telling, it will be re-uploaded several times. So I'll let everyone know when a clean copy is available. Then I'll start the amazon copy. Why smashwords first? Because I need to generate coupons for reviewers, which is the next phase. Lets hope they want to...for some reason my lack of confidence and self esteem makes selling myself difficult. Weird.

Anyways, I should stop procastinating and get back to work. That means I'll have to stop watching the buckets of snow falling and actually focus. Wish me luck!

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