Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Wish I Were Like Tolkien

I have to say, one of my favorite book series is the Lord of the Rings. Yes, I do like them more than the Hobbit. Everyone I know argues that when the trilogy, when  compared to the Hobbit, has too much walking around and a serious lack of dragons.

I'm not entirely sure why I like the trilogy more, I just do. Perhaps its the fight scenes. Although I liked Bilbo's cleverness in keeping the trolls talking until the sun came up it's just not the same as scenes like the battle for Helms Deep. Or maybe it's the lack of female characters for me to bond with. Both Eowyn and Arwen went to the aid of the people the cared about. They didn't just sit around on their hands saying "Oh well I guess the men will handle it." I liked that about them.

When you take all of Tolkien's works together I don't think there is a single bit that isn't riveting. I think the world needs more books like his. No one cares that his works are adaptations of old fables. He created an entire world for us to wander through, which was more than any dusty fable had given us. That's especially true for modern readers.

That's why I think my next work will be one I had started years ago, but never finished. All it has right now is a shaky foundation of a story, but I am willing to work on it until it shines. I guess I shouldn't distract myself with that one yet though, since I have not finished Escape and Evasion. I'm not quite half way through writing that one and then I have to edit etc.

I'm a little torn though. I also want to work on a story involving Zombies since I miss the days my friends and I would sit around and argue about the best way to survive the zombie apocalypse... Gah! There is too much I want to do and never enough time.

I'll just have to sit down and tell myself to focus on one project at a time. And that means finishing Escape and Evasion before I even think about Tolkien-esk projects. Although, I do hope people read my books before I die...Poor Tolkien never got to see his books get truly popular. His son truly did the world a service when he dusted off his father's old manuscripts and got them published.

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