Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New documents

I met up with my cousin B. the other week to visit with his family. While I was there we got to talking about my work and he mentioned that after Howard (Lynn, we all call him by his middle name since he didn't like the name Lynn) died B. and his Dad went through a bunch of old wallets and things that Lynn had kept over the years. They scanned them into their computer and B. had a copy of everything.

Long story short, B. loaded all of those documents onto a thumb drive for me to take home. There is some outstanding stuff in there! Copies of Army information and paper work, certificates, more letters Howard received, etc. It's really answering a bunch of questions I had. Thank the stars Howard kept in touch with Lucien (one of the nice French men that helped him escape). Lucien was half French half British, and bless his heart, because he could write in both languages, and a LOT better than Howard. So now I know a bunch more people's names, how they are connected, and how to SPELL them. Good grief, that was driving me nuts.

I'd kinda like to add those documents to my blog as well. I don't think anyone would have a problem with that. I mean, how many of these people can still be alive to care?

The main problem is that I am still learning to use blogger as I go. So I have to figure out a nice way to organize all that stuff under a new tab. It's not like the home page where I write a post and it just tacks on to the top of the page. Then I could make each scanned document into its own post. It's more akin to making one giant post out of all those images and any text I want to add, only in a separate page that you can go look at. For all I know, I'm just not going about it the right way. I guess I'll throw those up like the letters, and if I find a better method later then I'll fix it.

Also, if the images aren't large enough for people to read then that could be a problem. I'd rather not type them out like Howard's. I'm going to throw up a little sample of his writing in there as well. Then you'll see what I was up against.

So you can look forward to that later this week, as long as everything goes according to plan...

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