Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its a love hate relationship

Dear Amazon,
Most days I don't know how I ever got by without you. You have a larger selection of books/movies/games than any store can possibly have, and you send them to my doorstep. However, there are also times, like now, where you make me want to scream out loud.

I sent them an inquiry on Sunday. I asked them if they knew what was going on with my book's details page. I would prefer that my book didn't look like my cat sat on the enter key. I don't know if the problem is on my end or theirs but I dont know how to fix it. At least it looks fine everywhere else.

On Monday I got an e-mail from them stating we received your e-mail, and our response time is taking longer than our usual 24 hrs. That's not a direct quote, but it's close enough. Then they thanked me for my patience.

It's Wednesday now. I haven't gotten another e-mail, and the site is still messed up. Where is my customer service Amazon? I was almost hoping that it was a problem that they couldn't figure out either. At least then it probably wouldn't be my fault. The other option is that I'm really low on their totem pole. I'm pretty sure its that one.

I guess indies would be small blips on their radar. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem? All I can do is keep working on other projects and hope they get back to me soon. I may not be an obsessive compulsive perfectionist, but this is really ticking me off. I didnt spend all that time trying to weed out every last error so my book could look like that.

Ok. Im going to take a calming breath and stop ranting on my blog about this. I WILL focus on other work.
I'll post an update when the issue is resolved.

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