Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Swear I'm Working!

Hey there!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, life is crazy.
I have been working on Escape and Evasion, and I have completed the first chapter. I know, it doesnt sound like much, but I am trying to get all of the facts right. There have been discrepancies between what Lynn said when he dictated his story to my Aunt and what others said when they wrote to the family years ago. I would like to just put everything down as Lynn said, but there were miscommunications when the story was dictated. Plus the boys who wrote letters back in '44 may have remembered events better than my Grandfather when he was retelling the story for the billienth time several years after the fact.
Also, parts appear to have been exaggerated. Ex: Lynn said he bailed out at 20,000ft, another guy said he was only 10,000ft. I'm not sure what height they would have flown their planes at. Your probably not worried about noise for people on the ground when you are trying to blow them up. So, I'll have to track down info on that.

Then there is the fun of "who is going to care if I use actual people's names in the book?" To be on the safe side I am not going to include last names (and occasionally I'll use made up names). Of course, the French names are going to be a complete guess. Neither my Aunt nor my Grandfather spoke any French so the names of people in the underground were written down phonetically as he understood them to be pronounced (Again, most of his story was written down many years after the war. So who knows if he even remembered them correctly). I have a feeling they are incorrect.
That is the kind of fun I'm having right now.

P.S. you cant trust the Internet for anything. I found this British site that said Col. Egenes died on march 10, but I definetly found papers indicating he had shot down enemy aircraft on the 16th of the same month and year. Pilots had to file reports after they had shot down an enemy stating how they knew the other pilot was dead. Thats how they received credit. Most of them read like this: I opened fire and took off a wing. Last I saw, that puppy was on fire and in a nose dive towards the earth with the pilot still inside. So Im thinking he didnt make it.
It's kinda hard to shoot someone down if your dead.

Anyway, I might post a bit of the first chapter later, but I have to work the bugs out.

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